Regardless of how great your earbuds are, the way you handle your device has an impact on its battery life. Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that your wireless earbuds last longer:


Keep the Case

As mentioned earlier, the strain on the battery is most when its empty. Therefore, you must keep the charging case with you, in case you’re running low on charge. Moreover, this helps you store your earbuds together without losing them.

Keep Your Charger

Don’t just keep the case, also keep the actual wall plugin as well. Wherever you find a wall socket, you can charge your earbuds. It doesn’t take up much space and can save you in times when both your case and earbuds are low on battery.

Don’t Keep in Pocket

Don’t just carry your earbuds around in your pocket. Dust and other objects, such as keys, may damage them. This can impact the life of your earbuds. You might even risk dropping one, which would be a costly mistake. Store them safely in the case.

Don’t Sleep with Earbuds

This can cause serious harm to not only your hearing ability but also to your earbuds. No matter how durable, you might end up seriously damaging your earbuds in your sleep. It’s best to be safe and remove them while you sleep. You can keep them in their case.

Clean Earbuds

This goes without saying, but it is important to clean your earbuds to prevent dust and other particles from damaging them. Now and then, use a damp towel or a cotton swab to clean the rubber on the earbuds. To clean the inner part, you can use a toothpick lightly dipped in water. Make sure to be gentle and clean with care.

Regular Charging Routine

Avoid exhausting the battery of your earbuds completely by developing a charging routine. A good way to go about this is to charge them whenever they’re not in use.

Plug them in whenever you’re sleeping, or you’re busy at work. This way, when you need to use your earbuds, they’ll be fully charged, and you won’t have to worry about damaging the battery.

Don’t Play Around with the Case

You mustn’t fiddle around with the case too much. If you constantly open and close the case, it may impact the battery charge. It’s best that you put the earbuds in the case and then put it aside in a safe place.

Use a Single Earbud

As weird as it sounds, using one earbud at a time can help save battery. You can use just one earbud while the other sits safely in its case.

This way, you can utilize your earbuds for a longer time. This trick works great, particularly for people who prefer listening to music while they go about their everyday tasks.

Lower the Volume

Believe it or not, but a pair of earbuds working at a lower volume will last longer than a one playing at full blast. Not only will this save battery life, but it is also safer for your ears.


We still have a way to go before wireless earbud battery technology advances to the point where battery replacements are a common thing. While DIY earbud battery replacements are possible, the risks are a bit high. In these situations, durable earbudsand some extra battery care can take you a long way.

Simple things like regularly charging your earbuds and storing them safely in their case can help improve battery life. Follow through with the tips mentioned above, and you can make your earbuds last longer.


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