RGB Voice-Activated Pickup Rhythm Light

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The RGB Voice Activated Rhythm Light Built-in highly sensitive microphone (sound-controlled). Customize LED lighting mold components to make colors soft. 32 independent RGB colored LED.

More than 8 dynamic display optional, 60 color combinations optional.

Custom rhythm speed adjustment is supported.

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RGB Voice High Quality & Portable RGB Sound Control Ambient Light

Voice-Activated Rhythm Light made of plastic,acrylic,electronic components material,durable and long-lasting,sturdy,etc. The Size of this Audio Spectrum Analyzer stick is a small size 181*16*15mm which can be installed in the gap, and is almost invisible night-lights,can realize the dynamic expression of music and sound field, with AGC understand gain control.

Rhythm LED Light with 32-bit ARM Processor

Compared with traditional sound-controlled lights, this rgb light bar has 32 built-in dazzling light beads, with a music-specific MIC and a 32-bit ARM processor with a main frequency of 72M. Realize the dynamic embodiment of music and sound field, giving you a dynamic decorative beauty.

Sound Control Light With AGC Automatic Gain Control

Built-in high sensitive microphone (voice control), no less than 8 display modes. 4 levels of brightness, 5 levels of speed and 18 color modes can be adjusted at will, Whether you are a musician, a video game player, an audiophile, etc, imagine this Music level light dancing with the rhythm. you can tune it to your favorite style according to your preference. With intelligent noise-canceling algorithm, it can be used in noisy environment.

Voice Activated Atmosphere Light with High-sensitivity Pickup MIC

Sound Control Music Rhythm Lamp built-in high-sensitivity pickup MIC, the complex rhythm can also keep up with the automatic display of the light block according to the rhythm.And Sound Activated Colorful Music Lamp with 32 light beads built-in battery, can also be used outdoors, can be powered by power bank, computer, power supply, etc.

Widely Application for Voice Pickup Rhythm Light

The RGB audio spectrum indicator features an innovative design and a perfect combination of music and art.It is suitable for music lovers as well as electronics lovers,at the same time,it can be used as a pleasant art decoration.You can put the rhythm lights on your desk,bedside table or car to create a relaxing and exciting atmosphere which helps reduce your stress and trigger your idea.A great gift for music lovers,designers and marketers.

Sound Control Ambient Light

RGB Voice Music Level Indicator

Rhythm LED Light

led music rhythm light

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 4 cm

1 review for RGB Voice-Activated Pickup Rhythm Light

  1. Richard Ballard

    Throughout the pandemic I have decorated with light; I ordered these LED light bars out of curiosity. The light bars are physically small (7-1/4 inch tall, 5/8 inch wide) and can be used in the car (dashboard with included double-sided tape) or indoors (desk or window ledge with included stands). Each bar’s light action is microphone sound-synchronized and somewhat resembles a sonic equalizer single channel (i.e., the light bar grows and shrinks along with sound volume). The LED colors are user-selected using the Color Bright and the Mode Speed buttons on the bar back. The Power button on the bar back cycles ON/OFF and also shows internal battery charge.

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